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Red Dragon was founded on the simple idea that all businesses, big or small, should have the opportunity to present themselves professionally. Any sign shop can sell you quality ink and paper (we all have the same access to the same supplier). The difference is in the experience. We are creative print fabrication custom professionals with , advertising , design , and product development backgrounds. With this outstanding ovation of skills and professional technique your experience will not only be industry standard but will create a bond and lasting relationship.

Red Dragon Wraps Design is a community and unity focused company with a vision to help others in our region , the platforms we choose to do so are car shows , workshops , internship . Come to Red Dragon where you and our community is top priority. When looking at getting your vehicle wrapped, keep in mind that there are plenty of competition but not enough quality ; while we may not always be the least expensive , we do offer the greatest value , that's why we warranty all Red Dragon Products . We host a variety of products related to the up keep of your vinyl and conditioning , take advantage of our one stop shop . At Red Dragon not only do we wrap commercial vehicles but we do color changes on private cars as well. Red Dragon is an experienced company with experienced installers with a plethora of professional skill we highly recommend using the best vinyl not cheap product that destroys paint. Red Dragon installers are certified wrappers who only use high-quality materials like 3M and AVERY. No matter whether your close or at distance your wrap will always look great . Visit the Red Dragon facility anytime we would be glad to have you - drop in and see first-hand how we plan to make a difference!

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You get what you pay for!


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Red Dragon Car Braggin’ Magazine, is our new and exciting publication that showcases the art and science of the automotive industry. From professional to novice drivers, car enthusiasts, or commercial dealers, Red Dragon Car Braggin’ Magazine gives the limelight to events, shows and products and services with appealing multimedia and copy. Red Dragon Car Braggin’ Magazine will be joining you with our contribution to this fast-paced industry by hosting car shows, giveaways and special product promotions.

We know how to build your brand and promote your voice – but it takes a community. We are looking for talented writers and event promotors to join our highly collaborative team. In addition to an amazing team, we need clients to partner with Red Dragon Car Braggin’ Magazine by sending us your company story, and you will receive FREE advertising for three months.

Over three million people will read Red Dragon Car Braggin’ Magazine online or in hard copy, and it’s an opportunity to promote your business, express your talents, and leave a lasting impression within the automotive community. So, what are you waiting for? Send Red Dragon your story, and let your car braggin’ reach across the world! Let’s have some fun.

Talk to you soon Red Dragon Car Braggin’ Magazine